Huleya is one of the most recognized oriental dancers in Japan.
The dancer mastered the oriental dance basics from American professional Mishaal.
With diverse international background spending early life growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she has returned many times to study the Egyptian style under the reputed Lulu from Brasil.
She earned the silver medal at the 2005 Armani Oriental Dance Festival in Beirut, Lebanon.

While operating her own studio, Borboleta ( in Yokohama, Japan, she launched a special project Alif ( in 2009 inviting Lulu, Dr. Gamal Seif & Khaled Seif to Japan organizing various workshops and dance show such as Egyptian Folklore and Oriental Dance show “Slave and Princess” joining forces with Japanese superstars in 2012.
She continues to teach, perform, and organize with a mission of spreading her passion for the Egyptian oriental dance throughout Japan.